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The Brexshit Book

Steven S. Stevens

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Quick Overview

  • Through a series of therapeutic exercises we will overcome our depression and grief around the EU referendum result and walk tall post Brexit.

  • Activities include: Philosophy - Did David Cameron actually ever really exist?

  • Soothing Art: Colour - in the beautiful 28 petals of a flower (oh dear - one petal has fallen off and is withering in the dirt)

  • Acceptance: Who needs olives when you have pickled eggs?

  • Relaxation: Why not take time out with a stress busting game of Pokemon Gove - see if you can find where Michael is hiding?

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Product Description

This is the book for the 16 Million of us that woke up the day after the night before the EU referendum to find our Euro dreams in tatters. This is a book about leaving when you really wanted to stay. This is a book about having to deal with the consequences of someone else's decision. This is a book that will lead you mindfully (and not without some good hearted political mockery) down the path of acceptance into the cold hard Brexit dawn.

More Information

Imprint Portico
ISBN 9781911042693
Publication Date 6 Oct 2016
Format Paperback
Dimensions 198 x 129
Page Extent 160 pages
Illustrations No
View Inside Pages Not Yet Available
Author Steven S. Stevens
About the Author

Steven S. Stevens is a made up author. If he did exist he would live in Walthamstow London and definitely would have spent most of his career struggling to make ends meet penning various comedy vehicles spanning a Channel 4 sitcom, numerous TV pilots, a sprinkling of Kids TV scripts etc etc. And he might possibly comprise three separate middle aged men. Steven S. Stevens did not go to Oxford, or Cambridge either (that is if he did exist, which he doesn’t).

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